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IYAUM Board of Directors
2023 Ballot

We are pleased to announce our slate of candidates to be approved as directors of the IYAUM board for 2023.

IYAUM 2023 Slate

The following candidates are running for new three-year terms:

  • Nancy Footner (CIYT-II): Our current vice-president, Nancy owns and teaches at Friendship Yoga studio in Iowa City, IA.

  • Hallie Evans (CIYT-I) is the mother of three boys and enjoys volunteering at their schools.  She teaches yoga for The Yoga Place in La Crosse, WI, the Yoga Room in Decorah, IA, and Root River Yoga in SE Minnesota.

  • Sean Scott (CIYT-I) currently teaches one class a week. He has been a dedicated Iyengar Yoga practitioner since 2010. Sean holds an MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is a studio artist in rural west central Minnesota where he lives with his family.

Our New Senior Advisor*
  • Chris Saudek has been a student of Iyengar Yoga since 1978 and made her first trip of many to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in 1980 to study directly with BKS Iyengar.  She is a Level 4 CIYT, has trained dozens of teachers over the years, served on many committees, written articles, a book on yoga during pregnancy, is the author of a laminated therapeutic sequence series, and continues to teach through the Yoga Place in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

*This is an honorary, appointed position and not subject to election or term limits.

IYAUM Board Transitions

Of the seven-member board, Susan Johnson, Dawn Talbert, Bethany Valentini, and Katharine Wood are remaining on the board to complete their three-year terms. Nancy Marcy and Shannyn Joy Potter will be leaving the board after seven years' service.

Please submit your information and choice below

I approve election of the candidates listed on the slate.

Thank you! Your vote has been submitted.

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